"Celebrating SIlence" Host

The content of this site is inspired by my life experiences which have been inspired by the  teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who’s aim in life is to bring a smile on the face of everyone and who’s mission is to create a violence-free and stress-free society.  My purpose to write this blog is to spread his knowledge, I joyfully invite you to comment on this site and share this site with your loved ones and specially your foes and help me create a stress-free society.

I am a Business Intelligence Consultant by profession, a seeker by birth, an Indian by Nationality, spiritual by nature and NOBODY in the grand scheme of things. I have been practicing yoga, meditation various breathing techniques for several years now since i have experienced that  ” The quality of your life depends of the state of your mind“.

I used to share my life experiences, my philosophy and practical wisdom on a radio show that is aired in Dallas, Tx on 1110 AM every Sunday from 3-4 PM (CST). You can listen to some of my past radio shows here – > https://celebratingsilence.org/category/recorded-shows/

I don’t live in Dallas anymore. I have moved to VA now and don’t pursue radio now. I’ve recently become a Happiness Program instructor from the Art of Living Foundation, In my free time i find myself enhancing the quality of my life or facilitating yoga and meditation sessions in Washington DC.

“If you bring comfort to others, nature will bring comfort to you “

Much Love