For some reason, i have been hit by a deluge of “Magic” videos from you tube and some of them Demystifying magic tricks and illusions.

These videos showed me how magicians use hidden props to make it seems like something is levitating in air including humans. They also debunk how these illusionists make things disappear in thin air even of the likes of David Copperfield.

So, after watching those videos – the magic, the wonder if no longer wonder – its more like a puppet show where some force is controlling everything you see. There is always a hidden force behind everything and what meets the eye is different than what goes on.

Isn’t this world also like that – what you see is NOT the real thing. As if it’s one BIG fat magic show where you are shown something different than the reality. Just look into your life isn’t that exactly the case. Magic is happening every moment. Let’s take an example – lets say you meet someone who got angry at you or said something nasty. Well, it’s an unpleasant experience for sure but now lets look at it from a different perspective. A few possibilities – that person could be going through so much in his/her personal life, he could’ve had a bad day, he could’ve experience some loss in his or his loved ones life recently including his own health etc etc..the list can go on and on. And the truth is you may never be able to see whats going on behind the curtain. Nevertheless, his actions warrant a constructive feedback but it’s NOT worth losing your sleep like you don’t lose your sleep if someone shows you a card trick right ? Because now you know that behind every action or behavior there could be a story, a hidden force, an agenda, a motive (good or bad). Now you know the truth. Let’s ponder on this, can we ?

This is probably the reason why ancient sages said that this world is Maya – something that can be measured. And we know that anything measurable (limited) can not lead you to something which can’t be measured like Happiness, Joy, Peace. In other words limited stuff cannot give you unlimited stuff. If you have 100 bucks you can only buy a limited amount of potatoes, right ? This could be a bad example but i hope it send the message across.

I guess Shakespeare rightly said, “this world is a stage and we are merely players”.