Haven’t we noticed in our life that when we crave for “Happiness”, we invite misery. Let me share an incident with you which just happened 2 days ago. I was craving for restaurant food and told my wife that we will eat out today. I am big foodie and as much as i can, i try to hog on Indian Food when we go outside. We went to this Indian place where i ordered ‘Malai Kofta‘ (curry of sweat cheese balls)- an indian delicacy.

We ate with tandoori rotis and came back home. After coming back i invariably felt heavy and sluggish and i immediately got reminded of my vow which i had made many times in the past. I had vowed not to eat indian food in a restaurant outside as usually it is not fresh and heavy on wheat. For the umpteenth time, i had broken the vow and again got reminded of the amazing knowledge by Sri Sri. I did feel lucky as at least we are beginning to realize very little as to how the mind functions.

Has such an incident happened with you as well ?

Such incidents remind us that ALL cravings leave wanting for more. They leave us empty and unhappy. Cravings may seem to give an ephemeral sense of pleasure but in the long run it brings misery. But we still keep cravings WHY ?

We will see that in the next blog post.