Surprisingly, haven’t we noticed this to be true. Its hard to believe when we hear this because in the mundane world of transactions, “giving” amounts to losing. When we give someone something, its a debit in our account and credit to the other person.  It’s simple, right ?

However, in the spiritual world, the laws work exactly the opposite. When we do something good (a random act of kindness) for others, we feel good. You helped someone cross the road and in return you are showered with blessings. You give a homeless some food, and you get to see the twinkle in their eyes which in turn brings one in your. Why is it like that, whats the science behind it ?

In my opinion, our innate nature, is giving. The spirit likes to give because the soul feels content when it does something good for the another soul. That’s our very nature. This is the reason why.

Think of all the ways  volunteers have helped the community grow in America:

  1. Volunteers help the neighborhood, parks, rivers etc
  2. Volunteers help coach, mentor people in need or in crisis
  3. Volunteers help in animal sheltor and rehabilitation centers
  4. Volunteers build houses, schools etc for the under-privileged

According to the Corporation for National Community Service :

  1. Last year 62.6 million Americans volunteered
  2. Last year 7.7 billion hours were volunteered
  3. Last year the estimated value of service was $173 billion

The above research shows that today more and more are awakened to realize the importance of selfless giving. Unfortunately, tse it here will be no gadget to measure the happiness they will get by doing so. That’s the beauty, because it cannot be measured !!!

If you are reading this, do a random act of kindness today and make someone’s day.