What is the structure of FEAR ?

Look into people’s eyes these days, you’ll find many filled with fear. Why are we afraid so much ? 

It’s a simple strategy. If you want to rule over someone make him afraid. If someone commits a natural mistake, make that person believe that he has committed a sin and that if he/she does it again he will go to hell. 

Out of fear of hell, he will start denying something which is natural to him and in the process he has created a hell for him. It’s very easy to win over someone who deny’s himself. You have sown the seeds of guilt. And it is very difficult for a guilty person to win any battle. A person who is divided, he is always in a dilemma. He grows up confused since the seeds of creativity has been cut.

He grows up to be dull.  See when someone tells you so many things are bad, you naturally feel condemned. The reality is that still these things cannot be dropped by thinking they are wrong. At the most you can repress them – but in repressing them you become more and more ugly. Self-condemnation is the ugliest thing you can think of.

If you remain divided; if you remain split, Once you are split, anyone can dominate you.

In the next post, we will see how to deal with fear.