Material world is charaterised by competetion, greed and power while the spiriual world is rest, bliss, peace and a better view of yourself.

The challenge is:

1. How to maintain that inner decorum while going through the vagaries of the outside world ?

2. How to be peaceful and unperturbed and still be competetive on a day-2-day basis ?

3. How to maintain your sanctity and still be able to handle the politics and unpleasant experiences that we face in the outside world for example at work ?

…and many more questions like this

The answer lies within. Its an attitude. Unpleasant events happenning outside can make you miserable or not. You have to chose whether to be in misery or not.

Lets look at it like this. There are and will be some unpleasant experiences that will happen around you in a day, no matter what, right ? Either you can attach yourself with these experiences and become miserable or you could see them as some karmic debts being burnt and move on unscathed or unperturbed.

In the second case the kindle dispassion inside you and will experience that the duration of negative events will keep reducing until a time will come that you will start attracting only positive energy.

This could be an application of “Dispassion” or “Vairagya”

In the ancient texts it is written that there is no such “Happiness” in the world that cannot be experienced by practicing vairagya.

Have a wonderful day !