We have all been wise many times in our lives. We have taken some wise decisions and some not-so wise decisions. Its time to look back and throw some light on the wise decisions you took in your life. And see why you made those decisions. What made you take those decisions. That is WISDOM. Honor that !!

Whatever you honor will grow in your life. If you honor wisdom, wisdom will grow. If you honor malicious intent, the same will grow. Take some time out everyday in retrospect and throw some light on what you did good and why you did it. This will bring more light in your life.

Perhaps this is the only time our PAST comes handy otherwise it is useless to dwell on the past. Its gone, its dead. But we can definitely learn something from history, right ?

One other thing, once you throw light on some success in the past more and more success will come your way. Rather will come knocking on your door.

Soon you will find you are moving from one success to another !

Thats all for today