A mother of a small child called me once on my show and asked, ” Why the show is called ‘Celebrating Silence’ when i am talking all the time” ? Such innocent insights can only come from small children because they have such an unpolluted intellect. Kids are very intuitive and its hard to fool them sometimes. I am sure most parents would agree to this.

Since its asked so i have to answer.
The mere purpose of words is to bring communication or rather harmonious communication. If your words cannot bring harmony then it has no meaning. Lets look into our lives – how many times we say something to others which create turbulence in other people’s minds. That kind of communication is called dis-harmonious communication.

So harmony in the environment brings silence in the mind. Have you noticed when you are looking at a spectacular scenery all of a sudden you are filled with such awe and you can hardly speak anything. How many of you have experienced that ?
That is the silence is so beautiful.

So your words should be such that it felicitates harmony in others’ life and they can experience the silence. And this silence has a celebratory, joyful texture to it. That is the reason why the show is called ‘Celebrating Silence’.

More in the next post !