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All desires are for happiness right?  Would you agree that is the goal for desire ?

For eg,:

  1. You wanna go to school because you like to become a doctor? Becoming a doctor will make you happy. Right?
  2. You wanna start your own business because you wanna make money, making more money will make you more happy right ?

So now you have achieved what you desired for but Are You Happy ?

So even though the goal of desire is to be happy however the goal eludes you every time you reach your goal. Why ?

The answer is:  “Because this is the nature of desires

So lets look into the nature of desires.

Desire is always in tomorrow, but joy is never tomorrow, it is always in the now.

So how can you have desires when you are joyful ? And how can we be joyful when you have desires. It’s like saying how can you have tomorrow when it is still today, not possible. lol !

Look at a child, does he have a lot of desires…even when he asks for a toy..even when you don’t give him a toy, he is fine.

Desire actually appears to lead you to happiness but it does not …

That is why it is called as Maya  and maya means ?    E L U S I O N !!!

Let’s look into how a desire arises:

  1. Memory of a pleasant experience
  2. Past Impressions
  3. Through listening
  4. Triggered through association with certain type of people.
  5. Someone else’s desire may manifest in you as your own desire

For eg. If someone is hungry you may have a desire to feed them or if someone wants to talk to you a desire may arise in you to talk to them. You must have seen that in your life many many times.. haven’t you ?

Now a desire has arisen, now what do you do with them:

  1. Eg. You wanna go to a movie. You buy the ticket but before entering the theater you SUBMIT the ticket.
  2. Eg. You wanna to College You fill the application and the you SUBMIT the application.
  3. Similarly when you have a desire. You need to SUBMIT it or rather surrender your desire to someone.
  4. When you don’t submit your desires and hold onto them..that become the cause of all misery.
  5. Buddha also said desires are the cause of all misery why ?
  6. If your desires does not get fulfilled it leads you to frustration and causes midery and if your desires get fulfilled it leaves you empty
  7. Even when you desire and it gets fulfilled…it gives you pleasure and that pleasure binds you and bondage is misery…give an example Eg.  you drink coffee everyday…drinking coffee gives you some pleasure thats why you drink it in the first place? One day you don;t get coffee….what happens.. headache, lethargy etc etc….pleasure created a bondage and bondage eventually brought misery !

Above is the 7 step process to get rid of misery which comes from bondage !

Finally thought:

Unfortunate are those who keep on desiring yet their desires are not fulfilled. A little more fortunate are those whose desires get fulfilled over a long period of time. More fortunate are those whose desires get fulfilled as soon as they arise. The most fortunate are those who have no desires because there is fulfillment even before desires arise.

Wait in the next post on HOW TO GET YOUR DESIRES FULFILLED ?