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How desires get fulfilled ?

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“Living in tune with nature” or living in Sattva is the key to a fulfillment of all desires.

What does living in tune with nature mean ?

It means what you need and what you want should not be in conflict.

Let me explain this.

All desires that arise in the human mind arise from a source or they arise as vibrations.

Lets see what a desire looks like from an atomic or quantum mechanical perspective.

A simple example: You are made up of 45 trillion cells. So for you to be thirsty all those 45 trillion cells must be thirsty. Right ? These 45 trillion cells sends a message to be decoded by special receptors in the hypothalamus gland.

What is a hypothalamus gland?  The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain which contains a number of small nuclei and one of the most important function is that is to link nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.

In turn the hypothalamus makes the mind body connection by manufacturing the specific neurotransmitters, or messenger molecules that make you think, “I m thirsty

All natural desires follow the same path. What path ?

— >A need arises somewhere in the quantum mechanical body.

—> A mind-body connection is made

—>Then you experience an impulse to act.

As long as needs and desires match you are living in tune with nature. The path of desires is not blocked, its wide open and unlimited.

Unfortunately that does not always happen. We interfere with the natural instincts and needs.

–          We crave for too many sweets and junk foods

–          We compulsively overeat

–          Instead of the balanced body telling us what nutrients it needs we indiscriminately take vitamins.

As a result the body goes out of tune with nature. And when the body goes out of sync, the mind goes out of sync and when that happens you cultivate unhealthy desires which are not in sync with nature which almost never get fulfilled and give rise to frustrations.

Then we make all the unhealthy choices which lead our lives astray.

The question is: how to get the mind and body in sync with nature so that we can get out of the grip of unhealthy desires.

How can we stop wrestling with the wrong choices?

How can you be a point or state where the impulse that you have leads you to evolution and healthy desires that come out of you get fulfilled.

That impulse is called SATTVA.

 Sattva is the impulse to evolve, to grow in life to become successful.

Tamas is the second type of impulse which means to stay the same or to regress.

Rajas is the third type of impulse which dictates action.

All 3 impulses are necessary in life.

For eg: If you don’t have Tamas you will never be able to sleep, if you don’t have Rajas you will never be able to move or do any action.

If you don’t have Sattva, never ever anything you desire will be fulfilled.

When rajas and tamas are in balance, Sattva dawns.  When sattva dawns any desires that come to your mind gets fulfilled.

Before we look into how to get them in balance, lets see what happens when they are not in balance.

Some of the qualities associated when Rajas is out of balance:

Rajas out of balance:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Scattered
  3. Forgetful
  4. Disorganized
  5. Unreliable
  6. Agitated
  7. Undecisive
  8. Insecure

Tamas out of Balance:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Confused
  3. Unable to decide
  4. Dependent
  5. Fearful
  6. Anxious
  7. Depressed
  8. Suicidal
  9. Guilty

Sattva is never out of balance:

  1. Enthusiastic
  2. Creative
  3. Flexible
  4. Adaptable
  5. Clear and Calm Mind
  6. Joyful

The BIG question is how does the Rajas and Tamas become out of balance?

  1. Negative Emotions – anger, fear, greed, resentment
  2. Stress – work, home, financials etc
  3. Unhealthy surroundings
  4. Associations with negative people who drain your energy.
    1. How to judge whether someone is negative for you or not.
    2. If by talking to that person you feel energized, he is good for you
    3. If you feel your energy is being drained, he is not good for you.
    4. Unhealthy food

How to balance Rajas and Tamas ?

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Take time out everyday for play humor and relaxation
  4. Once in a while watch the sunset and occasionally stroll in the moonlight
  5. Eat light, natural foods
  6. Be generous to others in whatever way you can.
Thought of the day:
“Make others comfortable and nature will take care of your comfort.”


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All desires are for happiness right?  Would you agree that is the goal for desire ?

For eg,:

  1. You wanna go to school because you like to become a doctor? Becoming a doctor will make you happy. Right?
  2. You wanna start your own business because you wanna make money, making more money will make you more happy right ?

So now you have achieved what you desired for but Are You Happy ?

So even though the goal of desire is to be happy however the goal eludes you every time you reach your goal. Why ?

The answer is:  “Because this is the nature of desires

So lets look into the nature of desires.

Desire is always in tomorrow, but joy is never tomorrow, it is always in the now.

So how can you have desires when you are joyful ? And how can we be joyful when you have desires. It’s like saying how can you have tomorrow when it is still today, not possible. lol !

Look at a child, does he have a lot of desires…even when he asks for a toy..even when you don’t give him a toy, he is fine.

Desire actually appears to lead you to happiness but it does not …

That is why it is called as Maya  and maya means ?    E L U S I O N !!!

Let’s look into how a desire arises:

  1. Memory of a pleasant experience
  2. Past Impressions
  3. Through listening
  4. Triggered through association with certain type of people.
  5. Someone else’s desire may manifest in you as your own desire

For eg. If someone is hungry you may have a desire to feed them or if someone wants to talk to you a desire may arise in you to talk to them. You must have seen that in your life many many times.. haven’t you ?

Now a desire has arisen, now what do you do with them:

  1. Eg. You wanna go to a movie. You buy the ticket but before entering the theater you SUBMIT the ticket.
  2. Eg. You wanna to College You fill the application and the you SUBMIT the application.
  3. Similarly when you have a desire. You need to SUBMIT it or rather surrender your desire to someone.
  4. When you don’t submit your desires and hold onto them..that become the cause of all misery.
  5. Buddha also said desires are the cause of all misery why ?
  6. If your desires does not get fulfilled it leads you to frustration and causes midery and if your desires get fulfilled it leaves you empty
  7. Even when you desire and it gets fulfilled…it gives you pleasure and that pleasure binds you and bondage is misery…give an example Eg.  you drink coffee everyday…drinking coffee gives you some pleasure thats why you drink it in the first place? One day you don;t get coffee….what happens.. headache, lethargy etc etc….pleasure created a bondage and bondage eventually brought misery !

Above is the 7 step process to get rid of misery which comes from bondage !

Finally thought:

Unfortunate are those who keep on desiring yet their desires are not fulfilled. A little more fortunate are those whose desires get fulfilled over a long period of time. More fortunate are those whose desires get fulfilled as soon as they arise. The most fortunate are those who have no desires because there is fulfillment even before desires arise.

Wait in the next post on HOW TO GET YOUR DESIRES FULFILLED ?

Life is complex, and the world is full of complexities. So many rejections will arise.

What you need to take care is not to get frustrated, and deal with them. We have to. Conflicts, and complexities are everywhere – in bureaucracies, political parties, social organizations, NGOs, schools, colleges, everywhere. Even in a house, there could be so many complex behavioral patterns.

Frustration won’t lead you anywhere. That is the skill you need to acquire. Skill will help you move through sleeping elephants. A saint from India once said: You have to walk through sleeping elephants. When wild elephants are awake, you can’t walk.

Then a million dollar question is: How do you get the skill?

Silence is the mother of all skills. When you lack some skill, sit quietly for a moment. Then that part of the brain becomes active, that can give you intuition and ideas.

Silence is the mother of all skills, innovations, and inventions. A few moments of quietness. This is the first step. Take a step away from the situation. When you are in a situation, you cannot be a good judge – you have to step out of the situation for a minute and look at it. Through quietness: you will gain the skill right there!

We need to get out of the blame game. If anything goes wrong, you either blame others or yourself. This tendency is so deep in our psyche. Silence gives the skill to see the distance. This principle and philosophy has been developed in this country. However, it has been kept only with a few select people. That is why spirituality should be kept alive in every part of the world, so that everyone can gain skill with ease, and grace. This is the main advantage of meditation practices: it enables you to handle situations with ease and grace. A few moments of silence will bring up tremendous talents from within us.

P.S: Too much silence is also not good. Be playful as well : )

A poem on Silence that i read somewhere:

 Prayer within breath is silence

Love within infinity is silence

Wisdom without words is silence

Compassion without aim is silence

Action without a doer is silence

Smiling with all existence is silence

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